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KayCee K's Journal

Writer, lyricist & just me...

6 November
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Where to start I'm KayCee my writer name is KayCee K. I'm 20 and I know what I want to do with my life and that's Write. I live in a really small town in Idaho but my home is in Coos Bay. I have four younger brothers and sisters.

When I'm not writing, I read and watch to much T.V. Apart from writing; my other first love is music. I'm one of the odd people who have two iPods one for music and one for others stuff. I write lyrics and I'm always looking for new singers and bands to play.

I may have a crazy mind that thinks to much and I'm always trying to work on many projects at once but I like to keep busy; and I hope one day that people will read a book that I wrote or play a song that I was a part of making. My dreams are crazy but I once read "if you dreams don't scare you, they arent bigger enough" And a part of me is scare that they won't come true...